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Before we even opened, we knew that our business would have to be built on trust. Today, Ed Broadfoot & Son's Sand & Gravel Company is known throughout Kearney, NE, as a trustworthy and reliable company that completes each job on time and within budget.This has has allowed us to build many strong, long-term relationships with customers that know the quality of our work.

We offer sand and gravel production and delivery service with a large variety of aggregate sizes to suit your sand and gravel needs. From road gravel for your driveway, rocks for your building site uses, roofing gravel, decorative rock for your landscaping needs, even playground sand - we have it all. Our delivery service ensures a timely transport of materials to your site.

We also offer a large variety of services for all your dirt work needs, from basement digging to excess dirt removal, field leveling and moving dirt from one job site to another.No job is too big or too small for our team of professionals.

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Sand & Gravel Production/Delivery

Excavation & Dirt contracting

Site Preparation

Landscaping Supply

Snow Removal

Concrete and Asphalt Recycling

Road Grading


Lowboy Hauling

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If you are putting up a building or structure, you need to know that the site was prepared correctly. One of the services we offer include dirt and clay compaction, specific to your sizing needs.  Let us manage your road building and land leveling, using our up-to-date laser technology to save you time and money.

At our site we have various grades of landscape rock, boulders, limestone, wood chips and topsoil, for any of your landscaping supply needs.  Looking for something specific?  Speak with a member of our staff and we will get it for you.  If you are finished with a project and have excess  concrete left over, you can drop it off at our location free of charge. This allows you to avoid a costly landfill fee or you can also contact us to arrange a pick up, we will crush it for re-use.

We also offer our customers commercial and residential snow removal, monthly or one-time road grading, and equipment hauling. Call today to receive a quote for any of your needs.